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Smart places to revolutionize processes and experiences

Our innovative products for Maps, Indoor Location & Navigation, People & Asset Monitoring improve experiences consumption, increase the security, the productivity and digital intelligence for industries and services.

Zapt Amazing Maps & Wayfinding
¡La mejor solución de mapas para servicios en el mercado!

Our amazing indoor/outdoor maps illustrated in 2D and 3D are specialized in support consumption and work experiences in buildings, headquarters, industries, museums... through interactions, searches and text and audio navigation routes that instantly locate products and points of interest! The same map is suitable for apps, websites, QR Codes, totems and room displays.

Zapt Indoor Positioning
"Indoor GPS" Accessible, with international technology

We have "Waze Indoor" in compliance with GDPR... at affordable costs!! Searching for and navigating to products, service stations, equipment and attractions is just the beginning.
Use the precise movement of customers, visitors and workers to start a true digital transformation: define audio-guided consumption / visitation routes; notify about upcoming offers or job risks and more!

Zapt Analytics, People & Asset Tracking
Analytical Intelligence, People and Asset Monitoring

Our BLE / Wi-Fi technologies allow people to be located in real time based on their mobile or wearable devices (bracelets, badges, key chains) - and assets based on tags. Know the precise times and movements of employees and consumers to improve safety, productivity and your strategic intelligence... and to monitor social distance in an automated way.

A Complete Real-Time Location Platform and RTLS!

Mapas lúdicos

Outdoor & Indoor Maps

Posicionamiento indoor

Indoor Positioning



Marketing de proximidad

Proximity Marketing

Mapa de Calor e Indicadores

Heatmap and Indicators

Cutting-edge solutions

Sensores e Configuração

Sensors and Settings

Rental service, sensor installation and configuration to segment conventional venues providing identity for spaces up to 2x2m, objects, and points of interest.

Criação e adaptação de mapas

Map Creation and Adaptation

Humanized map reutilization and creation services for indoor spaces or tourist points, in which Zapt technologies offers real-time positioning and guidance to customers and visitors.

Criação e adaptação de conteúdos

Content Creation and Adaptation

Administrators can manage space and optimize processes in complex locations while maintaining their maps, information cards and services nearby in a simple and flexible manner using the portal, the cloud and Big-Data.

Distribuição Via SDK ou Aplicativos

Free Ready to Use App

A personalized application for each location that provides orientation services, information and contactless transactions. And using White Label, Zapt App can be realeased, in few weeks, with tour trademark and visual identity.

Inteligência de Dados

Monitoring and Data Intelligence

Portal / Dashboard for monitoring and analyzing customer, employee and visitor movement data on positioning Big-Data, providing real-time alerts and valuable indicators for security and strategic processes in general.

Internet das coisas

Zapt is the first practical application of The Internet of Things immediately applicable to a wide range of organizations and businesses.



Touristic cities and sightseeing activities, museums, parks and zoos.



Airports, bus terminals, railway and metro stations.



Shopping malls, supermarkets and hypermarkets, fairs, city markets and store chains.



Convention centers, exposition centers, events, shows, stadiums, training centers.



Hospital and health clinics.



University campuses, libraries, auditoriums, schools.


Real Estate

Gated communities, large residential buildings, corporate headquarters.



Industrial plants, farms and plantations

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